Environmental Commitment

As a company dedicated to purity of product, we are fully committed to environmental protection in every aspect of our business, from harvesting and manufacturing to the practices of our corporate offices.

Fish Supply Sustainability

With vested interest in maintaining a sustainable supply of fish oil, we follow the fish species recommendations of the Environmental Defense Fund and Natural Resource Defense Council. Based on their criteria, Marine Ingredients can be regarded as a “Best Choice” bulk supplier of fish oil.

Production Facility: Brattvaag, Norway

Norwayis the first nation on earth pledged to be completely carbon-neutral by 2030.Our plant in Norway operates chiefly on hydroelectric power.We also use residual fish oil byproducts as biofuel at the facility, resulting in virtually no waste of materials.

Whenever possible, we use 1,000 kg “totes” constructed on a hardwood pallet, with an exterior case of double corrugated paperboard shell rather than conventional steel drums to ship larger volume fish oil products. To a large extent this:

·        Creates shipping efficiency

·        Reduces landfill

·        Eliminates over 5 steel drums per tote

Our liquid bottling line effectively pursues the use of environmentally friendly materials. Other plant-wide policies include:

·        Rigorous recycling program

·        Compact fluorescent and other energy-efficient bulbs

·        Majority of  employees live within 10 kilometers, reducing commutation emissions


Corporate Office: Mt. Bethel, PA

To be constructed in 2012, our new 40,000 sq. ft. building was designed with state-of-the-art, eco-friendly “green” construction - the most eco-advanced building of its kind in the area! Other eco-conscious measures:

·        Purchased over 100 acres of land to be preserved as open space

·        Average commute of office staff is less than 5 miles, reducing emissions pollution

·        Shower facilities encourage employees to walk, run or bicycle to work

·        Eliminated polystyrene carton liners from all liquid bottle packaging and replaced with recycled fiber inserts

Softgel Production & Bottling Facility

Other eco-friendly practices:

·        Ship materials to plant using very efficient, high cube intermodal containers

·        Recycle bulk containers of various capsule fill materials

·        Encourage customers to use PCR (Post Consumer Resin) bottles, widely regarded as the most environmentally friendly plastic

·        Provide environmentally friendly label options, e.g. 100% post consumer fiber printed with natural soy ink